Monday, 21 March 2016

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Ottawa Hospital has become the latest victim of extortion attack, according to the Ottawa Citizen.
Canadian hospitals reported that malicious software encryption 9800 four computers in the network, so they can not access the information. No patient information has been compromised, according to the hospital. In the infected machine is wiped clean, and the backup data recovery.

Trustwave security researcher discovered a new version containing up to blackmail software named Locky, in the past week four million spam, according to the story.
Apple last week affect the possibility of blackmail discovery expanded the attack, although this variation is called KeRanger through BitTorrent peer network file sharing networks operate, Reuters reported.

In February, extortion left offensive staff paper and fax Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center worked for more than one week before it ended up paying about $ 17,000, Hackers publish its data.
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services just days after the attacks. Texas Mount Pleasant Titus Regional Medical Center EHR systems by January of this attack left inaccessible.

Malicious software is often spam from entering the network, you can see the official. Hacker posing as the company's CEO, recently used his e-mail address in order to access to Tulare, California, Magnolia healthy employees personal information lawyer Mary Ellen Callahan medical institutions once again remind employees think they should is skeptical, open e-mail attachments, and ensure that workers know if they believe they have to open a malicious attachment that how to do it.


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