Sunday, 24 April 2016

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More than two dozen Congressional Web sites have been defaced by the Red Eye Crew, a group known for its regular attacks on Web sites. 

These sites, some of which use the Joomla content management system (CMS), was eliminated their general content and use crude message expressed dissatisfaction with US President Barack Obama replaced. 

Logging and monitoring access to sensitive information, and notify your management and any significant abuse of IT security. 

Democrats appears to be mainly targeted. These attacks came at the same time, Obama gave his first State of the Union address on Wednesday to respond to blackmail threatsThe night.How Red Eye Crew has defaced thousands of sites, and some attacks have been recorded by the district -H, a website, to keep track of damage, according to the blog consul security group. The latest attacks have not been included by the district -H yet. The survey's Praetorian hacked websites hosting a "," called on the server but not to say that all sites on the server was hacked. Many sites have been using Joomla, which "may indicate that it is a Joomla component that is to blame, but this is just speculation," the magistrate said. Joomla is not the only CMS used by MPs, but they wrote. 

“Only the person who has access to the server the sites are running on and performs the analysis will be able to tell exactly what happened,” Praetorian wrote.


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