Thursday, 7 April 2016

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It reported that now, people only need to spend $ 129 for him to be able to allow hackers to attack a particular email account or social media account, if an enterprise class mail account as long as you can pay $ 500 or more. These details can be found in the hacker underground market research report recently released Dell CISO INTEL team's. It is reported that the investigation of the team lasted three years. The survey found that a called Angler Exploit Kit network attack tools in the past three years the price fluctuated between $ 100 to $ 135, and the site of attacks and data theft service fee two years ago probably still only at $ 100-300 between the dollar, now it should be a minimum of $ 350. If the user wants to launch a DDoS attack network, each hour of its need to pay $ 5 to $ 10 fee, or pay $ 30 to $ 55 per day, or pay $ 200-555 US dollars the cost of a week. Stolen credit card numbers cost from $ 7 to $ 60 range, depending on the type of card charges may be, like the United States Visa and MasterCard are the cheapest, while Japan and Asia Premium Visa and MasterCard are the most expensive . But compared to the cost of making a false passport, the cost of these services mentioned above is precisely unambitious. It is reported that, if you want a fake US passport is required to pay 3000-10000 US dollars fee, many in Europe are relatively cheap, most will not exceed $ 3,000.


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