Friday, 29 April 2016

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Support the "Islamic State" (ISIS) hacker organization recently published online in the 3600 New Yorkers name and address, threatened to attack people on the list. 

According to the "Christian Science Monitor" reported on the 27th local time, called "joint network caliph" (United Cyber ​​hackers Caliphate) in the chat software Telegram published this list. 

Telegram is a social networking application that allows users to encrypt the information on the part of the dialogue. It is reported that many ISIS supporters are using the software for recruits, release information. 

Find the list of security experts said, it is unclear how the supporters of ISIS 3600 to get this personal information. 

Previously, hackers pro-ISIS also released a similar list, but they are against US military personnel, government officials and diplomats. 

FBI said it had made ​​contact with the citizens of New York are listed on the list, reminding them if any abnormality is found to be reported immediately. 

But authorities refused to disclose the specific content of the threat, but also declined to say what measures will be taken to deal with. 

According to the "Washington Times" reported on Sunday, "United Network Caliph" is still posted online a list of 43 US government employees, including the US State Department, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense personnel. 

At that time the hacker organization also issued a statement saying the staff list is the "kiss of death", "Your system failure, did not track us, and now we will defeat you." 

Last year, a hacker broke into an American ISIS store database information to steal more than 1,000 US government and military personnel. Since then, hackers also on social media published address before the US State Department and CIA officials. 

Security experts believe that although the current officials and the public are listed on the list has not been attacked, but the pro-ISIS hacker organization move beyond panic addition to manufacturing, but also incite supporters launched ISIS lone wolf attacks. 

Earlier this week, the US military announced the launch of the ISIS network war, hope the network through the use of weapons against ISIS. 

According to US officials, the aim is to cyber warfare ability to disrupt ISIS transmission of information, recruiting, directives issued, but also interfere with the daily operation of ISIS, including the payment of wages to the soldiers.


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