Tuesday, 5 April 2016

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Apple as of late introduced X no more state ah! At the question and answer session to push for a vote to let iOS 9.3 accident block and old gear. . Had discharged in the official site arrangements. .

Apple To fill the pot immediately set apart with a little fix, a couple days back and pushes iOS 9.3.1. . Settled already manufactured Safari program, email and other data inside of the project and connection disappointment.

For the new changes in the new circumstance - the prevalence of cell phones and applications, associations ought to create and redesign administration for business needs data security strategy as quickly as time permits.

So you think things over? Apple has a Pujie. .

After outside media have rediscovered overhaul iOS9.3.1, without a doubt there are provisos: no unique mark to open iPhone can likewise see the location book collection security! !

1, close down in front of the unique finger impression to open. For fear that we say sit tight for the following break covertly unique mark open. .

2, in the lock screen, long press to raise Siri, yelling Search Twitter; (note have officially shut lock, the telephone is still in the opened state)

Not cutting edge staff strict data security administration, it can not make the progress of the undertaking data identifying with the insurance of excellent necessities, for this is the understood things.

3, then yelled Gmail.com, so there will be a major influx of list items, simply go in a point;

4, energetically squeezed in the wake of entering this tweets distributer, select Add New Contact, tap the contact picture upper left corner, then Select Picture. .

Madeleine hindered! ! Unique finger impression and secret key lock if you utilize! ! Effortlessly enter the cell telephone photograph collection! !

Likewise, you can likewise utilize this defenselessness to see other individuals' cell telephone address book! ! Enthusiastically squeezed then select Add a current contact catch.

iOS 9.1.3 full split Fact:

Truth be told, bypassing the lock screen to break Apple's iPhone is now a convention, verging on each era framework will blast out such security issues. .

Goodness better believe it, circled on the Internet that inside of 40 seconds to show you how to open watchword free iPhone, that is the genuine unique finger impression to open subtly tease you play it.


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