Tuesday, 19 April 2016

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TechNoFense : Technology for Defense, a non-profit startup community, founded with an aim of serving Indian InfoSec and providing quality of Cyber Security services.

We Deal in Following :-
- Penetration Testing.
- Software Testing.
- Security & System Auditing.
- Cyber Crime Investigation.
- Data Recovery & Forensics.
- Linux system and server management.
- Web Development
- Graphics Designing
- Automated Robotics & Internet of Everything.
- Workshop, Seminars

To improve the quality of awareness among students and various regions, we have implemented Chapter program.

TechNoFense Chapter Program :-
1. Local Chaptership :- Take TechNoFense Chaptership for your region and work with us in following fields of our services & in free awareness programs.
2. Student Chaptership :- Represent TechNoFense in your college, in your local area, spread awareness and conduct session on your level with our name.

Benefits of Chapter Program :
- Learn, Share & Grow.
- Special Discount on Ticket of TechNoFense & It's Community partner's Conferences. 
- Monthly Discussion Over Skype or Hangouts to improve and learn.
- Permanent Membership.
- Free access to our Seminars & Workshops.
- Best Performers will be included into core team.
              and lots more in count.

What you have to do : 
- Free cyber Awareness.
- At least one workshop in a year in your college (Student chapter).
- At least 2-3 local meetings (Local Chapter).
- Monthly Report & Discussion with core team.
   Enhancing our Indian InfoSec. :)

Apply for Local Chapter :- http://goo.gl/forms/i3Z1SP4qxl

Apply for Student Chapter :- http://goo.gl/forms/tlnlnZWddv


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