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Today i would like to introduce you all Mr. Harsh Bothra founder of Technofense. He is a Bug Bounty Hunter and a Security Researcher !
So now without wasting the time, lets start interview with him and find out more !
1. Hello Harsh, please introduce yourself.
Hello, I am Harsh Bothra, Founder : TechNoFense & OWASP-Jaipur leader, Currently PursuingB.Tech in Computer Science from Amity University Rajasthan. Actually I am noob, a 17 year old guy who always want to grasp new things and spread his knowledge.
2. What thing drives you to this information security field ?
Well, my love towards my system is the main reason which drives me in InfoSec. Actually I like tobreak the limitations of technology to discover more possibilities. Everything is shifting quickly oncomputers specially everything is now available online, which leads to more concerns of critical breaches, new exploits, vulnerabilities and each & every minute, many of websites got compromised. All this is very interesting to me & I love to read and learn things related to Information security & my love increases day by day for it. I never thought I ‘ll became a pentester and security researcher, I belong to a small village named Lunkaransar in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. Few years back even I wasn’t having any kind of Internet connectivity or mentor to guide me. My love blamed me that I made her fake accounts on social media and bullied her and left me, to prove myself right and investing who was behind, I managed to get some internet connection, till that I wasn’t aware about HACKING. From that day, I studied about it day & night continuously and finally proved myself right. After that it became my interest and I continued in this field. 
3. As you are a well known PenTester & Researcher, what is the most favorite cup of tea ?
Whenever I got a talk about this, I love to have a discussion on Indian Infosec like where we actually stand, how can we serve our infosec, etc. . As you also aware about it that India being a developing nation is not up to mark in field of information security. We need a huge amount of security researcher, penetration testers, network security analyst, malware analyst and many more field specific people. Well, here in INDIA, students go for CS & IT Engineering but even they don’t know what they will do in future, if you go and ask them, do you want to learn hacking a social media account or hacking into you Internet service provider they all will gather with only one notice. But even if you make them learn Metasploit free of cost, 10 out of 200 will be there to learn. This is what, is the situation of INDIA’s Engineering colleges. Universities don’t give any attention to cyber security and awareness. Well if we want to maintain ourselves as a developing nation we must bring tons of new faces to infosec. The thing is we need to give them chance. There are many reputed communities like Defcon, Owasp, Nullcon, Hackon, Code Red Conference and many more doing the same. But still we need more and more efforts. We need to improve the quality of workshop we are giving to students, because if you will compromise with quality it will result into losing so many talented faces. I always rely on giving free awareness as much as possible so that at least they can show their interest and then can further pursue into this field.
4. You start your own Security Firm, how did you get started ?
As you have heard, In January, I started my own community named TechNoFense, Our tagline defines us well “Technology for defence”. Well, I was continuously watching what is happening into the infosec, students are seeking for making money, scope, jobs etc. but none of them is doing of noble cause expect some. If I talk about my university, only 2-3% strength of CS&IT Students are contributing towards Cyber security and are concerned of InfoSec. I decided to make a community and change this thing, to bring a revolution and make things actual, with efforts and support of some mates, I have launched TechNoFense, with an aim of serving InfoSec with all of ours knowledge. TechNoFense, not only rely on cyber security, also machine level security like security IoT applications, humanoid bots etc.
5. Why Starting your own firm, you can make money by doing a job as well ?
It’s not so much tough to make money in this world, even if you are good at logical skills and do bug bounty with knowledge of OWASP Top-10, you can earn a lot. Starting my own is my dream of serving my Nation. I Never work for Money, I do work for my satisfaction and if I m able to make people aware and secure, I am satisfied more than earning a ton. I started my own firm, to provide services, to bringing new faces upward, to serve whole infosec, to give free awareness sessions. Well, PenTesting, Forensics, IoT etc all are my passion and I love to work on these. I can’t work under the policies of big companies where I have to compromise my ethics and dreams, that’s why I started TechNoFense.
6. Any advice for new Researcher ?
In Simple word I want to say :-
Make your Nights Sleepless to pursue you PASSION, You won’t need to do hard work in your PROFESSION. ”
7. What are your future plans  ?
Well I am looking to organize a summit where students of CS & IT ‘ll be the main target, to make revolutionary change and to bring youth into infosec. Also with the pen tester ; developer team of TechNoFense, I am working on some projects, which we will release as open source(surprise till launch). Soon ‘m going to conduct OWASP-JAIPUR Meet. This june I have a target to give training to 500+ Students.
Contact :-
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WhatsApp : +917023744722
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