Monday, 4 April 2016

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Who might have envisioned that regressive philosophies, cronyism and rising religious radicalism in Turkey would prompt a disintegrating and powerless specialized foundation?

Seen online after a therefore erased tweet pointed out it:

This glue with a connection to a 6.6 GB record, purportedly containing clear-message data on 49,611,709

Turkish subjects, including the accompanying subtle elements:

National Identifier (TC Kimlik No)

To start with Name

Last Name

Utilizing data grouping strategy, if a data rupture happens in one zone alternate zones of information are shielded from presentation.

Mother's First Name

Father's First Name

Sexual orientation

City of Birth

Date of Birth

ID Registration City and District

Full Address

An IP lookup puts the IP in Iceland, with the proprietor as Flokinet Ehf, site:

A disturbing omission in Internet security has uncovered a huge number of passwords, Visa numbers and other touchy data to potential robbery.

The programmers left a brisk message:

Lesson to learn for Turkey:

Bit moving isn't encryption.

Record your database. We needed to settle your messy DB work.

Putting a hardcoded watchword on the UI scarcely does anything for security.

Take care of Erdogan! He is obliterating your nation to the point of being indistinguishable.

Lessons for the US? We truly shouldn't choose Trump, that person sounds like he knows even less about running a nation than Erdogan does.

The glue likewise contained the individual data on Erdogan and Davutoglu, which is not imitating here.


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