Monday, 9 May 2016

On 01:45 by admin   No comments (NSFW), an a**** social network has apparently been hacked and as a result login credentials of 40,769,652 registered users have been stolen and available for sale on the Dark Web by a hacker calling himself by a vicious hacker known as “Peace of mind.”

An ad appeared on Dark Web marketplace recently and the hacker is demanding roughly around 0.6450 Bitcoin. The data was earlier sold for 0.8888 Bitcoin, or $400. The data was attached to a folder including details such as email address, usernames, date of birth, previously used IP address and account password in a clear-text form. 

The news has been verified by Fling as they confirmed the data being authentic but they added that this is the result of a five-year-old data breach that transpired in 2011. Joseph Cox of Vice confirmed the authenticity of only 61 emails of the 101 addresses involved in the sample data delivered by the hacker. It is alleged that some of the accounts appeared visible to the site admins because of them having the “admin_disabled” flag turned off.

Only the previous month a hacker called “Peace_of_mind” was selling off personal details for 3.8 million users registered on the Naughty America a**** network. On the same marketplace, the same hacker was selling “The Linux Mint Forum Database” last February, co-incidence, I THINK NOT. Many doubted that he is the man behind the notorious Linux Mint forum hack, or that he aided someone for the hack by tipping off some of the details for the Linux Mint ISOs.


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