Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Always ready to use technology to be talked about, the Islamic State now has another string to his bow for his macabre traffic: the sale of women through the social network Facebook.

According to the Washington Post , which broke the story, the Islamic group would take to build on its maximum market logic, especially regarding trafficking in women. As a multinational company could consider with other goods, the sale of sex slaves and follows the law of "supply and demand" to justify its price, in the words of the American newspaper, reported hundreds of women captured and auctioned on Facebook to increase their visibility.

A girl of 18 years and can be sold around 8000 euros. The main argument Seller: marry enables to perform his duty, in addition to return to the land of the caliphate.

The initiative is not worth it as potential customers: commenting on the post and photos of the unfortunate, some consider the price too high for a creature deemed not attractive enough and not veiled.


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