Sunday, 1 May 2016

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Facebook changes the way it handles illegal content in India,  Facebook’s global policy head. Facebook was so far considering requests and reports by non governmental organisations and individual users over illegal content. Legal teams of private organisations would also contact Facebook about removal of illegal posts.
Now, any such request will have to be accompanied by a court order, and Facebook’s legal team will process requests for removal only based on official court orders. Facebook now cannot restrict any post or content complying with requests from anyone else, apart from the government. These changes are in accordance with the Information Technology act of 2000, which requires non government requests for removal of online content to be accompanied by court orders.
This change does not affect most posts, as offensive content that violates Facebook community guidelines can continue to be reported in the usual manner, and the process for this has not been changed. It will still be possible to report posts, pages, messages, events or content posted anywhere else in Facebook. It is only the content that does not violate Facebook guidelines, but violates the laws in India that are affected by this change in approach.


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