Friday, 13 May 2016

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SAN FRANCISCO May 13, according to foreign media Engadget reports, the Firefox team recently involved in a correlation with the FBI hackers and malicious software tracking events. Mozilla CEO Denelle Dixon-Thayer cautioned that the company will not take sides FBI and accused the company. The defense is a suspicion of child pornography website called Playpen.
The vulnerabilities are mainly involved in the Tor Browser, the browser based on the Firefox source code.After the discovery of the source code for security vulnerabilities, FBI Playpen not directly blocked the site, but the use of malicious software to track Playpen users.
Currently, Washington state judge has approved a defense lawyer of the malware checks and FBI must surrender malicious code before February. However, Mozilla that the current primary task is to quickly fix vulnerabilities to prevent the problem worse.
Dixon-Thayer wrote in a blog: "If our code related to security vulnerabilities, governments need to inform us in the first time we do not favor any party involved in this, but we definitely support the injured hundreds. million users. "(holding text)


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