Sunday, 22 May 2016

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According to foreign media reports, it is now a very popular Android flash applications were malicious advertising attacks, which induce him to download the application there are potential risks to safety after a user installation. Trend Micro researchers released the news, according to their disclosure, it falls under the malicious software called ad Super-Bright LED Flashlight. The software can be downloaded to the user on the Google Play Store. Although the software appear in ads has been very common, but this software but the ads that appear intimidating nature, it will tell the user that their phone has been infected with a virus or cell.

When faced with this situation, experienced users will choose to uninstall the software and then download other software can be replaced, but this time less experienced users might be scared, so they called in accordance with the above requirements to download antivirus software.
Security experts call this type of software called a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications, potentially unwanted software), because they are generally malicious. Trend Micro in its annual report for 2015 indicated that 0.15% of the software embedded in this kind of malicious code on the Play Store. But they said, users may not be able to be attributed solely to this malicious software itself and software development teams, because such ads are usually spread through a network.

Now, users can still download the software to the Google Play Store. Trend Micro said they have put this situation to the Google also provides the software and other downloadable software platform.


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