Sunday, 15 May 2016

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Phoenix FRANCISCO May 15, according to "Forbes" website reported that network security expert John McAfee (John McAfee) today announced that he and the other comprising four members, including the hacker group, set up in using them Colorado remote mountain servers and WhatsApp SnapChat break the network, which can easily read encrypted messages on WhatsApp and SnapChat.
McAfee first by phone, announced the news, followed by email and WhatsApp introduces break SnapChat network details.
Mobile field senior network security company LIFARS the two researchers involved in the relevant test. Two in New York City corporate headquarters mutual use WhatsApp sent a message, but they use the new Ming Anzhuo known brand mobile phone is mounted on a small application developed by McAfee.
After the message is issued in two researchers involved in testing for about a minute, it was in Colorado McAfee and hacker team capture. John McAfee and his team provide a break WhatsApp network server screen shots, to avoid their servers have been identified, the team removed the effective pixels on the image.
WhatsApp touted forum page on how to how to secure their own websites, which wrote: "respect for user privacy and security is our principle, so we joined end to end encryption technology in the latest version of the application during the end. Once you encrypt your information, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and telephone conversations will not fall into the wrong hands. "
When asked who should be responsible for this security vulnerability, the McAfee quickly responded: WhatsApp should not be blamed, the problem lies in Google him. He noted that there was a serious design flaw in the Android operating system inside Google, it is this defect, leading his team to access content on almost all Android devices. McAfee revealed only team among which a hacker - Chris Roberts (Chris Roberts). Roberts was a Denver, Colorado, one of the early founders of One World Labs called the computer security company, and later One World Labs filed for bankruptcy. CNN last year, a report that Roberts had told FBI, he hacked commercial jet airliner systems in different contexts, and even control the flight of an aircraft engine. But at that time, "Washington Post," the sources said, Roberts aggressor aircraft control system, but in order to improve aviation safety. (Compile / Flow)


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