Saturday, 7 May 2016

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"Choose a man / sister tonight it down!" This is the adult dating site Fling Slogen. However, a sad thing happened, the entire site has been hacker "tear down" the.
Recently, a well-known hacker Peace in Mind (inner peace) in the famous dark black market network The Real Deal hung out a "explosion models" commodity, that is 40 million Fling user registration information.
According to the hacker description, the information is "in place", including all the user's email address, login name, password in plain text, historical landing IP address, and the date of birth. Of course, this same gift bag containing information about the user's sexual orientation. As an adult dating site, "sexual orientation" is a mandatory option, which varied, with men and woman have a male and a man and woman as well as woman as well as small animals, etc., you know.
Not surprisingly, in the vast majority of these registered users are male. I believe the buyer of this information is certainly not to tease sister. In fact, these rare and accurate information about the privacy of the greatest use is fraud. When your mailbox, name, date of birth, height and weight as well as sexual orientation even have been hiding in the shadows scammers mastered, I believe you fooled chance of doubling.
So, Peace in Mind to these "A cargo" pricing is 0.8888 Bitcoin, together $ 400. Perhaps he felt too profiteers, and soon after he put the price down to 0.6450 bitcoins, close 295 dollars.
Specifically, this package contains a total of 40,769,652 registered inside information. Hackers also posted 101 posts in the sample data for the buyer "taste." However, after checking the safety of personnel, of which only 61 can login. However, these accounts can log in, there are as many forum administrator account.
In the absence of a complete data, so researchers do not know whether there is no information leaked by hackers claiming so much, or the probability of which can successfully log how much.
Of course it is suspected that an adult dating site, why are there 40 million user information? This is not the result of a lot of water after hacking it? However, Fling official immediately denied: Who says we do not have so many users? We have 50 million registered users.
This rumor, I gave out.
In fact, this is not the first time Peace in Mind selling adult site data, he is simply in the hacker community adult sites Information Disclosure "specialist." Last month, he had just sold 3.8 million user information of adult sites Naughty America. Moreover, in the "black production sector", he was suspected of being recognized as Linux Mint forum information leaked culprit sensational.
As he was in the end by what means it obtained 40 million registration data, the hacker did not disclose. (As long as the conscious probably will not disclose it.) After Lei Feng network (search for "Lei Feng net" number of public concern) portrait test, registered mail receipt need to click this site and require numbers and letters mixed password. However, hackers selling information, there are a lot of password is plain text format. So maybe some user information before the site is strengthened password management has been leaked.
Unfortunately, if you are a member of this site, then your own wall to change the password.


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