Monday, 2 May 2016

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After all the hullabaloo about bots at Microsoft Build 2016. Facebook at F8 also announced its own ‘chatbots’ that lets users accomplish simple tasks by communicating with automated programs. While there are already a plethora of bots available online, an online doctor consultation platform from India has taken things to the next level.
Lybrate is an online doctor consultation service from India that through its app lets users contact and communicate with over 1,00,000 doctors on its platform. Lybrate has now launched its own chatbot service thanks to Facebook’s chatbot system and it lets you seek opinions on health queries and more.
Interested users can interact with the chatbot by adding the bot for free on to their Facebook Messenger chat list. Once added, the users can chat and communicate with the bot like they normally would with any other friend on their contacts list. The bot has been designed to give advice, and people can also use the same to stay updated with health-related issues.
Lybrate also brings a ‘Health Quiz’ that will make its users aware about multiple health issues, especially symptoms of those that are often ignored. The service claims that the information obtained by all its users will remain anonymous.


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