Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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You need to stop closing that Windows 10 pop-up to avoid upgrading, as Microsoft is doing its best to sneak the latest version of Windows onto your computer.

There's been another wave of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades this week, which always corresponds with a spike in emergency tech support calls from my friends who swear they've been vigilant in saying no to the Windows 10 upgrade yet it suddenly appeared on their computer.

Whether or not Windows 10 is worth the upgrade is beside the point, Microsoft shouldn't be acting like a two-bit conman using sleight of hand to trick people into upgrading. 

I have to reassure them they didn't do anything wrong, Microsoft simply doesn't care what they want and it's doing whatever it takes to foist Windows 10 on everyone before the free upgrade expires on July 29. Its tactics come straight from the malware playbook, using deceptive pop-ups to trick people into installing software they clearly don't want.

People who have held out on the Windows 10 upgrade are all too familiar with the nagging pop-up notifications which keep pestering you to upgrade. There's usually no opt-out button, instead you're only given the frustrating choice to "Upgrade now" or "Start download, upgrade later" – a tactic which saw many people unwittingly upgrade their old computer to the newest version of Windows.


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