Tuesday, 17 May 2016

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New World Hackers (NWH), a group of hackers linked with the online hacktivist Anonymous defaced the official website of Limpopo university in South Africa – The hacktivists also leaked a trove of data stolen from the university’s server.

The attack was conducted on 13th May 2016 in which the homepage of the university website was replaced with a page uploaded by hackers with a brief message explaining why the site was targeted. Upon going through the deface message it was revealed that the attack was conducted under the banner of operations OpAfrica, an online op launched last year against corruption, child abuse and child labour in African countries.

The main person behind this breach is SinfulHazeCE- however, one of the hackers from NWH contacted HackRead about the breach and informed that some university students even congratulated the group for the successful hack of the university site.


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