Sunday, 15 May 2016

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According to reports, the Turkish hacker group Bozkurtlar (translated the gray wolf) last week launched attacks on more than six international banks and successfully steal some data. On Tuesday, the Netherlands and Bangladesh Bank (Bangladesh), City Bank (Bangladesh), Trust Bank (Bangladesh), Common Business Development Bank (Nepal), Sanima Bank (Nepal) attacked, followed by the Commercial Bank of Ceylon Thursday (Sri Lanka) attacked.
The first exposure leaked file size exceeds 300MB, things involving five banks, the exposure from the exposure data in the file is the most common development of commercial banks with a capacity of 251MB, data related to customer data leakage, phone number, password encryption, in addition most e-mail communications as well as internal bank documents.
However, this matter is still far from over, in the second wave of exposure data, the leaked documents capacity Commercial Bank of Ceylon has reached 6.97GB, covering a total of 158 000 documents. Dump data contains the PHP files to the bank annual reports, and even server backup and bank financial statements, and so on.


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