Saturday, 28 May 2016

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Are you one of the people who ponied up money to support the US presidential campaign of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

Sorry his bid went belly-up. As disappointing as that must be, here’s a bit of salt for the wound: he’s selling your email address.

As reported by the Wisconsin Gazette, Walker’s renting out his email and donor lists to other candidates to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt incurred in his race.

The newspaper says that according to campaign finance records, Walker’s campaign owed $1.2 million USD at the end of 2015 and has since paid off about $308,000 USD.

Most of that payback has been enabled by selling donor data to Granite Lists, a New Hampshire-based company that rents out Republican donor lists. It’s paid more than $172,000 to Walker’s campaign since it ended in September, according to the Gazette.

It’s not just Walker donors up for grabs: Granite Lists sells other Republican candidates’ donor lists, including the contact information for people it described as the “patriotic and politically active responsive direct mail donors” who in 2012 “gave generously—often multiple times—to Mitt Romney because they ‘Believe in America.'”

But while it’s not uncommon to sell donor lists, it’s not made explicit in the Walker campaign’s privacy policy that donors’ emails are going to be rented out.


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