Tuesday, 24 May 2016

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A Slovenian student who reported configuration errors in the Tetra protocol used by the local Police gets a prison sentence.

Ethical hacking could be very risky, this is the experience of a 26-year-old Slovenian student, Dejan Ornig, that had serious problems after the discovery of flaws in the Police Communications Protocol.

It is incredible, but authorities have given him a prison sentence.

Ornig has found security vulnerabilities in the implementation of the TETRA encrypted communications protocol used by national authorities.

“Ornig judgment is charged attack on the information system, falsification of documents and undue audio recording.” reported the Slovenian news website Pod Crto.

The TETRA protocol is utilized by the Slovenian police, the Slovenian Intelligence and Safety Company (SOVA), the military, and also the jail administration.

The facts are dated back to 2012, when Ornig alongside with 25 colleagues started working on the TETRA implementation in the country, as part of a school project.

In September 2013, he discovered that the Slovenian authorities had misconfigured the TETRA protocol used in the country.


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