Friday, 27 May 2016

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Use of misogynistic language was tracked to reveal the extent of abuse on social media
More than 6,000 of Twitter users in the UK alone were targeted by abusive and misogynistic tweets over just three weeks, a study from independent think tank Demos has revealed.

Demos tracked the use of two words indicative of misogyny over a three week period, finding that 6,500 unique users were targeted by 10,000 abusive tweets during this time. To do this, Demos used specific algorithms to separate aggressive tweets from conversational, self-identification or commentary.

The study has been released alongside the Parliamentary launch of the cross-party Reclaim the Internet movement, which aims to support female participation on social media.

Alex Krasodomski-Jones, a researcher at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, said: "It is clear that just as the digital world has created new opportunities for public debate and social interaction, it has also built new battlegrounds for the worst aspects of human behaviour. This study is a bird's-eye snapshot of what is ultimately a very personal and often traumatic experience.


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