Sunday, 29 May 2016

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Phoenix FRANCISCO May 28, according to Reuters, network security firm Symantec said in a blog post this week, the Central Bank of Bangladesh from $ 81 million to turn away large sums of money hacker, in addition to taking place in the One other computer Philippine banking system is associated with the presence of black event, also allegedly attacked Sony Pictures company's computer system in 2014.
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has criticized North Korea is a Sony Pictures hacking incident was the culprit. Digital security company Mandiant Bangladesh central bank theft of large sums of money were investigated. One of the company executives in an interview with Reuters, said the implementation of the theft hackers recently to banks computer systems in Southeast Asia carried out the attack.
Symantec blog post on Thursday in which bank has not named the Philippines hacked and did not disclose whether the stolen money, but the company said the series of attacks clues can be traced back in October last year . Symantec did not confirm the identity of the hacker.

Southeast Bank successively attacked by hackers

Philippine central bank Deputy Governor Nestor 埃斯佩尼拉 (Nestor Espenilla) told Reuters that the country does not have the funds transferred out of the bank by hackers, but he did not rule out the possibility of network attacks. 埃斯佩尼拉 said: "We are investigating whether Bank of the Philippines have been similar attacks but so far has not received reports of theft of funds.." He also added: "hacked is one thing, funds were transferred out is another. "
Hellman Vice President Mandiant Marshall (Marshall Heilman) said that in other hacker attacks if there is money stolen, and hacker attacks is successfully blocked, are currently unclear. Mandiant have been previously acquired US Internet security firm FireEye.
Herrmann said: "There is a hacker organization is South-East Asia, they are very understanding of the situation of the banking sector, and activities in more than one country." Herman declined to say which countries or banking institutions under attack. He said that the implementation of the attack hacker group is also involved in the implementation of Bangladesh's central bank theft of large sums of money, and they are recent, but he declined to give more specific information.
Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries and East Timor or the central bank declined to comment, or deny hacked.
In recent years, four have occurred in 2013 against cyber attacks banks, and each together involve fraud SWIFT payment network information, can be traced to the earliest together. SWIFT is the first letter of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) in abbreviated form, the agency this week urged banks to strengthen security measures and said it has discovered a number of the attack. Many banks are using SWIFT global security information, mutual release payment instructions.

Probably also attacked Sony Pictures

SWIFT said earlier this week, the central bank of Bangladesh theft of large sums of money "for the entire banking industry is a turning point," which is not "an isolated incident." SWIFT spokesman Natasha Dete Lan (Natasha de Teran) said on Thursday, SWIFT "is actively investigating other potential cases of fraud related to such activities," but she would not comment on individual events.
Symantec said it had discovered three malicious software has been used in Southeast Asian financial institutions targeted attacks. Before a type of malware which is associated with a hacker organization called Lazarus, the organization was considered in 2014, Sony Pictures implemented a large-scale attack.Symantec's technical director Eric Chan (Eric Chien) said in an interview, "Sony Pictures hacking attacks and large sums of money by the central bank of Bangladesh there is a strong relationship between the theft."
Another security firm BAE Systems said this month that the central bank of Bangladesh for eliminating the theft of computer code that hackers trace different, but also for the implementation of the code, like Sony Pictures. Eric Chen said that if North Korea via the SWIFT network for the banking system carrying out an attack, it would be the first known case of funds stolen by the state of network attacks.
After Bangladesh's central bank large sums of money thefts occur, policy makers, regulators and financial institutions around the world are strengthening the SWIFT payment system network security checks.Symantec and other security agencies also said hackers had used fake information SWIFT trying to steal money from a commercial bank in Vietnam, but without success.
In addition, Reuters reported last week that hackers use the SWIFT network forged transfers from bank Banco del Austro Ecuador turn away over $ 12 million from the Wells Fargo account. 


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