Friday, 3 June 2016

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Despite promising WhatsApp encryption End-to-End on all chats, and Telegram offers encryption End-to-End on a private conversation, but reportedly messages on both platforms can still be hacked.

The reason is, because the instant messaging applications still rely on the telephone network using Signalling System No.7, or better known as SS7.

As reported by Phone Arena , Friday (06/03/2016), SS7 is the protocol used to connect operators worldwide and affects all smartphone users ignore the devices they use.

SS7 alone can not solve the encryption used by two of the messaging application, but the protocol can be used to trick a wireless operator in helping hackers to open duplicate accounts WhatsApp and Telegram that uses the target name.

Hackers use SS7 and operators are used to trick the target to believe that the same telephone number to the target phone number. After that hackers install WhatsApp and Telegram in his cell phone, using a target number to set up a new account.

It allows them to receive a secret code fake proving that hackers are legitimate users of hacked accounts. After obtaining full access, the hacker can pretend to be a hacked account to launch the action.


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