Monday, 6 June 2016

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Facebook was accused of using a microphone in smartphone users to eavesdrop on the conversation. Issues relating to privacy has been denied by the company Mark Zuckerberg.

Ubergizmo Monday (06/06/2016), said that Facebook has issued a statement regarding this matter. "Facebook does not use audio microphone to provide information on advertising or a News Feed story by any means. These businesses can provide relevant ads based on a person's interest or demographic information, but not through the audio collection, "the statement Facebook.

This report originally appeared in The Independent as saying that USF professor found that Facebook ad serving products based on the topics he discussed with a friend on the telephone. Because of this, he suspects Facebook overhear the conversation to determine the type of ads that might interest him.

Of course, if Facebook wants to collect data via the audio, he should have requested permission from the user. However, if you're worried about your speech be heard from unauthorized or improperly utilized by any application, you can turn it off in settings smartphone anytime.


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