Tuesday, 7 June 2016

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Researcher and security expert Ken Munro has revealed that Mitsubishi’s Outlander hybrid car’s (PHEV) alarm has a glaring loophole that can make it easy for exploiters to turn it off through its onboard Wi-Fi. The weakness can be exploited with security bugs and this can lead to criminals breaking into the vehicle’s system, playing with the vehicle’s settings, get its battery drained and steal it all together.

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The manufacturer, Mitsubishi, suggests that users mush turn off Wi-Fi in order to check the system’s issues. As of now over 100,000 Outlander cars have been sold.

The threat was identified by Munro of Pentest Partners when he was going to pick up his kids from school and observed an unusual Wi-Fi access point appearing on his smartphone’s list of available networks. He immediately got the hint that the Mitsubishi Outlander, which belong to his friend, is having issues as his friend showed him the car and the associated app as well as how to use the app to control various features of the vehicle. While speaking with the BBC, Munro stated that he was just playing with it and “soon realised it was vulnerable so I stopped.”


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