Sunday, 12 June 2016

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Two-factor authentication (referred 2FA) is an important safety measure current mainstream of online services, from banks to Google, from Facebook to government agencies have gradually adopted the security measures. In the two-factor authentication to protect the account needs to log operation when you need to enter a verification code to send SMS text messages, or even enter the correct password will be blocked by the system.
This weekend, co-founder Alex MacCaw on a personal Twitter shared a message he has received. Anonymous attacker sends a phase MacCaw posing Google's SMS messaging, message reads as follows:
(Google ™ notification) We recently noticed from the IP address (Vacaville, CA) attempt to log account suspicious behavior. If you have not been landing at the above address, your account will be temporarily locked. Please reply you receive six-digit codes, if you confirm the identity of the landing, please ignore this warning.
Basically, the attacker fraud victim received two-factor authentication PIN identification, in order to facilitate the subsequent illegal login attempts to prepare. Such fraud often already gained MacCaw account password, and if consumers think it is wrong to lock the two-factor system account operation, six verification code sent to Google, in fact, send the object MacCaw is a fraudster, the latter enter the login page can access his account.


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