Wednesday, 1 June 2016

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The star's account was hacked with a number of out-of-character tweets shared with her 89 million followers.
One was directed at Taylor Swift, telling her pop rival that she missed her.
The tweets have since been deleted and her password no doubt changed to one with lots more numbers and symbols in it.
The tweets also included homophobia, racism and a request to follow another Twitter account.

The account also tweeted a link to a track on SoundCloud, which is believed to be an unreleased Katy Perry song called Witness.
The track and string of tweets have since been deleted, but screen grabs of the tweets were shared online in the hours following the security breach.
The Romanian-based @sw4ylol account is believed to belong to the hacker responsible.
The account shared a takedown notice from SoundCloud, after a copyright claim from Katy Perry's record label, Universal Music.
"We want Twitter to be a safe and open community," says Twitter on its security advice pages.
"We're working to improve our responses to security threats, but user accounts and computers can sometimes become compromised by phishing, hacks, or viruses."
Twitter also recommends changing passwords (both in Twitter and any other trusted apps linked with Twitter), making sure no-one else has access to your email account and checking no unauthorised apps are linked with your Twitter account.


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