Thursday, 9 June 2016

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Agents belonging to the Valencia Provincial Intelligence Brigade, backed up by the General Commissariat of Intelligence of the National Police, arrested a Moroccan national resident in Valencia, responsible for the creation of an extensive network of profiles on social networks whose ultimate aim was to recruit, radicalize and indoctrinate his followers.

The purpose of the contents of the complex virtual network set up by the man arrested was to extol, vindicate and disseminate Islamic State’s activities, encouraging recruits to collaborate in terrorist actions.

The arrested man was in contact with a large number of Islamic State combatants operating in the zone of the Syria-Iraq conflict, including some high-profile members. On several occasions he expressed his desire to join Islamic State’s ranks as a combatant.

As part of Islamic States organization he was responsible for the generation of propaganda, the production and spreading of anti-Semitic messages, incitement to hatred, vindication and extolling of the jihad, and incitement to violence and terrorist martyrdom. He also created content denigrating and humiliating the victims of Jihadist terrorism.


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