Monday, 27 June 2016

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NEW DELHI - WhatsApp is now in the lap of Facebook may be banned in India. Messaging application most used netizens are facing a test because of the encryption. 

India itself is actually one of the largest markets in the world WhatsApp. But terrorism and crime has also become the biggest problem involving messaging service WhatsApp. 

Not only Apple is dealing with the FBI, the government of India is also experiencing the same thing with WhatsApp. Encryptionend-to-end is a feature that makes WhatsApp only ssaja message recipients can view the data, call, text, video, documents, audio, and other content that is sent via WhatsApp. Encryption is what might make WhatsApp in danger in India. 

Activists right to information act or Right to Information Act (RTI) requires the platform to instantly executed. Sudhir Yadav who is one of the activists who went to the high court of India and local communications minister also trouble getting an answer. 

According to the petition to the activists, the platform with encryption such as WhatsApp will only increase terrorism. This is because the service allows the terrorists to communicate with a secret and easily. Similarly, as reported News Maritime , Monday (06/27/2016).


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