Sunday, 10 July 2016

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The relationship between police and community has been put to the test in recent months. It looks like after a week full of turmoil hackers are now getting into the mix. 
Videos surfaced of two black men being shot and killed by police in back-to-back days this week. Philando Castile was killed in Minnesota and Alton Sterling was killed in Louisiana. We'll tell you how hackers are trying to take matters into their own hands.
The Baton Rouge city government's servers were hacked shortly after the death of Sterling. Around 50,000 city police records were leaked. Names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were all a part of the leaked information.
This is said to be in retaliation to the shooting and death of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police officers in front of a convenience store on July 5.
The "hack" was nothing more than a stolen username/password database login rather than a sophisticated cyberattack breach, the reports say. Experts say the city's website had terribly weak security, which allowed the breach to happen. 
The alleged perpetrator, who goes by the Twitter name 0X2Taylor, announced the attack via a tweet with hashtags #AltonSterling, #Hacked, and #BlackLivesMatters. It is not clear at this point if he performed the intrusion himself or if he is merely taking responsibility for it.


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