Sunday, 17 July 2016

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With a very high popularity ' Pokemon GO ', the parties are not responsible start moving to profit by cheating.These rogue applications is reported to have entered the third-party Android application store, Play Store.

As reported by Gizmodo , Sunday (17/07/2016), the company ESET reports that there were three false application that carries or uses the name 'Pokemon GO'. The application is intended to attract the number of lawyer install that want to play and find ways cheat and instructions.

Third is different from the APK application installed through the backdoor Android device. All three are just desperate to be in the Google Play Store.

One application, namely Pokemon Go Ultimate become the biggest threat Android users. Very similar to the original application, the application locks the screen when the device is launched. ESET warns that reboot the device sometimes can not stop the fake application that runs so users have to pull the battery or use Android Device Manager to remove it.
If you leave, you will be haunted by porn ads throughout the day. The only way for her to install it is manually via PI Network in the application manager. Pokemon Ultimate GO has disrupted 500-1,000 users.

Two other applications entitled ' Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go ' and 'Install Pokemongo'. Both outsmart so that users register cell phone service with a promise to get Pokeballs and Lucky Eggs that cost USD999,999 per day.

Luckily, both the application has been removed by Google despite already be installed 10-50 thousand times. However, keep in mind that you should still be careful when her install ' Pokemon GO ' if the application is not yet available officially.


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