Sunday, 10 July 2016

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A hacker who goes by the name of uid0 claims to have breached three websites belonging to Penton Technology: Hot Scripts, Mac Forums, and Web Hosting Talk.

The hacker is now selling the data through The Real Deal Dark Web marketplace, like many other hackers have done before him.

In an encrypted conversation with your reporter, the hacker claims that he was able to obtain full database dumps from all three websites. This includes user records, private messages, site content, hashed and salted passwords.

Two of these websites, Mac Forums and Web Hosting Talk, run on the vBulletin forum platform. The hacker claims that he's in possession of a vBulletin zero-day, which allowed him access to these two sites.

It is currently unclear how the hacker breached the Hot Scripts service but shared servers might explain how he was able to acquire this service's database. This scenario is only unconfirmed speculation since Penton has yet to respond to Softpedia's request for comments.


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