Friday, 1 July 2016

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Think about what you could do with five dollars. You could get dinner for yourself at McDonald’s, so long as you don’t upsize the fries. You could buy a toy for a dog. You could get half of a low quality haircut. Or you could take a website offline, causing both short term and long term repercussions for a business.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality. Five dollars could allow a person to severely impact a business, but not get the large size fries with a fast food value meal. It’s called DDoS for hire, and it’s a big problem that’s only getting bigger.

DDoS is an initialism for distributed denial of service attacks, a type of cyber-attack that leverages a botnet of compromised computers and internet-connected devices to either overwhelm the network infrastructure of a target website, or flood it with traffic. The end result of an unmitigated DDoS attack is often either the target website being knocked offline, or slowed down so much that legitimate users are unable to use it.

To the average person who doesn’t spend their time targeting websites to take them offline and cause users to lose trust in that website, most likely causing a significant loss of revenue and long-term consequences like software or hardware damage or even theft of intellectual property or personal information, a distributed denial of service attack might sound a bit complicated. And it is! Hijacking internet connected devices to form a botnet is no easy feat.


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