Saturday, 16 July 2016

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The Hacker we're including today is a strikingly magnanimous White Hat Hacker and a recognized Bug Bounty Hunter from Pakistan. He was perceived various times by Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, LinkedIn, and other understood sites.

He is the third most top ranked bug hunter in the world.  He has also been invited to the DefCON event by HackerOne, the biggest hacking conference on the planet.

Meet Shahmeer Amir, Founder and CEO of the Charity Hackers Association and Cyphlon.

1.Introduce yourself ?

Hey, I am Shahmeer Amir, i am a Cyber Security researcher from Pakistan.

2.How did you get into Information security field ?

I always liked to work with computers and loved to solve computers problems.

3.When did you start Bug hunting ?

Bug bounty was never my intent, this was just something that came with the knowledge that i got by breaking applications on the web.

4.What is your first finding , how did you feel at that time ?

If i remember correctly, my first rewarded finding was from the Zendesk company which was actually a T-shirt.

5.What vulnerabilities have you discovered so far in your career as a Bug Hunter ?

I have came across a lot of vulnerabilities, most of them are Business Logic flaws in web applications, Now a days my research is based on IoT security.

6.What circles do you move in? White hats, black hats or both ?

I am a pure White hat with a clean record and no blackhat stuff. I like to help people by guiding them in the field and donations are a hobby of mine.

7.What is your future plans ?

I am working on a Cyber security based startup in Pakistan to strenghthen the security of emerging businesses.

8.What is your advice to newbie ?

One advice, learn first and then earn, Don't go for money before you are sure of your skillset.


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