Tuesday, 5 July 2016

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The Lizard Squad, the hacking group most known for the Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS attacks that it launches on video game networks, is apparently escalating its attacks toward bigger targets.

According to security researchers of Arbor Networks, the Lizard Squad has taken over thousands of CCTV cameras and webcams that are connected to the internet to be able to focus DDoS attacks on banks and websites of government departments.
The Lizard Squad DDoS group wrote the LizardStresser, a botnet that was released publicly by the Lizard Squad early last year that utilizes IoT devices to pile up the needed power for massive DDoS attacks.

The security company noted that the prime targets of hackers utilizing the LizardStresser are located in Brazil, with previous victims being two big banks, two telecommunications companies and two government agencies in the South American country.

LizardStresser attacks have also been launched against three big gaming companies based in the United States.

While the devices are nowhere near as powerful as a PC, amassing a collection of them will lead to enough power to take down secure websites. In one case that Arbor Networks monitored, an attack generated over 400 Gbps worth of traffic from several thousand sources and directed all of it to one target.


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