Tuesday, 12 July 2016

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After acquiring the company Nokia with a dowry worth USD7,2 billion in 2014, Microsoft finally officially closed the mobile phone division, which is based in Finland.

That's because the company did not have the advantage of a Nokia mobile phone business with only mengumupulkan sales ofsmartphones as much as 1 percent in May.

Prior Consulting an analyst named Eddie Murphy has said that Microsoft does business in late compared to Apple and Android devices that had previously proliferated.

"They spend a lot of money for a business venture believes smartphones are important. They are correct (acquired Nokia), but too late, because Apple and Android already dominates the space and Microsoft does not have an impact," said Murphy.

In addition, he also said that Microsoft has a problem he calls " app-gap ', ie shortage of popularity in the line of smartphones it the same as experienced by Blackberry operating system BB10.

The impact of plant closures smartphone Nokia, as many as 1,850 Microsoft employees had to be laid off. Even so, Microsoft itself is still going to continue the line of smartphones hers by using the Windows 10 operating system that in February, the computer company HP announced its smartphone it will use Microsoft's operating system such.

"One of the things that has made ​​Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 that allows the application to run on the device desktop, tablet and mobile. It's a great idea and is expected to generate more applications for the platform," concluded Murphy, as reported by the BBC on Monday (12/07/2016).


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