Monday, 11 July 2016

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Game Minecraft indeed if it is seen as a simple game that allows players to arrange the blocks to be an object, but they managed to prove that the game is one of the most popular games, where people can build a replica of the object or building as desired.

Even the game Minecraft was recommended as a teaching tool for children as it can stimulate children's creativity. Now Microsoft has announced Project Malmo, where it will use Minecraft as a tool to train the system of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as machine learning and neural networks.

According to information from Microsoft, "Project Malmo also be used to teach the AI to be able to make crafts using the tools and resources available to build some objects such as chairs, tables, and others. It was meant to learn how to get the resources around them without having to descend down the hill or into a lava pit.They can also learn to build with blocks, navigate the maze, and perform a number of other tasks that mimic some things that might be done by AI someday. "

The good news, Microsoft Project will open to the public this Malmo, which means that anyone who needs help can get it from this project and source code for free. Additionally, since this is essentially a modified Minecraft game, anyone who has run Minecraft on their computer before, it will not have problems in using it.


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