Friday, 29 July 2016

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The tweet contained a message about imprisoning the Democratic presidential nominee and included Russian text.

After taking the stage at the Democratic National Convention to admonish Bernie Sanders hecklers, Sarah Silverman's Twitter account was hacked.
The hackers posted a message on her account that said. "America are you awakening?" alongside an anti-Hillary Clinton video made by Anonymous earlier this year. The tweet was translated in Russian underneath the text, with the hashtags "Hilary4Prison" and "Anonymous." 
Soon after the tweet was posted, Silverman wrote and posted a message onto her account that she had been hacked.
Earlier this week Silverman expressed her support for Clinton after previously backing Bernie Sanders. At the DNC, Silverman joined Al Franken to call for unity in the Democratic party, and she told the Bernie or Bust crowd, "you're being ridiculous."


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