Wednesday, 27 July 2016

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Telecommunications company Verizon officially buy Yahoo dowry Rp63 trillion a few days ago. With the purchase, Verizon now has a core business of search engine such as email and search websites on the internet.

Until now the two sides are still not provided information about the fate of Yahoo e-mail users in the future. In addition to the ownership change would negatively affect security in terms of account and user data.

As disclosed Heru Sutadi, Observer Telecommunication of Indonesia ICT Institute which says that in the time of transition of leadership, it is hard to get security guarantees such as those currently experienced by Yahoo.

"It should be guaranteed, but if you've moved the hands of owners and each owner has their own rules and regulations, it is difficult to get bail for user data," he said when contacted Okezone , Wednesday (07/27/2016).

He also said that to ensure the security of user data, the owner of the email is not enough to change the email password, but required the transfer of personal data and shut down the old Yahoo account.

"Nah influence change password. Move files and personal data and delete the old account," he added. To ensure security, users are also advised to move email to ensure personal data can teramankan.

"Not to Yahoo (dressing new account). Until a new owner can ensure our personal data safe, even if the owner is new," said Heru.


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