Tuesday, 19 July 2016

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hacker-moneyA hacker is often considered as the responsible party when a site or application is having problems and can not be accessed.But who would have thought, every technology company turned out to require the work of a hacker, you know. Even the company of Yahoo also hired a group of hackers who attack every day duties proprietary security systems.

The hacker group that was hired by Yahoo is led by a man named Chris Rohlf. He was responsible for leading the four others who were assigned to conduct cyber attacks to products, systems or networks owned by Yahoo. Furthermore, they also help Yahoo to fix vulnerabilities that could be faced.

Rohlf said, the task of attacking the security system is an easy job. Even incalculable how much the activity of cyber attacks that hit Yahoo in a year. And that's not including the activity of the attacks carried out by his team. But with a strong defense system, hackers will think twice when carrying out cyber attacks.

However Rohlf, as quoted from ZDNET, said that the greatest threat of a technology company is not from hackers. He revealed that the main threats faced by technology companies every day instead of the government. He also pointed out how the surveillance activities carried out by the NSA. Fortunately, the activity disclosed to the public by Edward Snowden.

With the increasing development of technology, the services of a single hacker would be much needed by technology companies. Especially in Indonesia, which in recent years has developed a fairly high Internet usage.


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