Wednesday, 27 July 2016

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Lowell McAdam, CEO dari VerizonNot long ago we were struck by the proclamation of the telecommunications company that recognizes giant technology company, Yahoo. With the agreement achieved until reaching 62 trillion rupiah, making the public wonder, for what the telecommunications company mengkauisisi Yahoo?

The answer is, Verizon wants to expand their market share in the mobile world. As reported by CNN, Wednesday (07/27/2016), Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon said that, they want to expand their business, especially on mobile media.

With the acquisition of Yahoo, he believes will attract investors because there are still some of Yahoo's products are still in demand today. As news portal and email alias electronic mail service. Adam said the use of the Internet through smartphones to its customers now more than ever.

Adam also said that, like most media today, many of which focus on the development of mobile devices because their use can not be denied anymore.Moreover, the development of media content on mobile devices now also become an attraction for young people, making them as long-term customers.

When viewing trip Verizon, last year has also bought AOL which is the parent of various reputable online media, such as The Huffington Post and Millennial Media. Figures are disbursed by Verizon are not half-hearted, which is 4.4 billion USD, or about 57.8 trillion rupiah. Then in the same year Verizon launched their own video services Go90. In addition, in 2016 and then, together Verizon also acquired the media company Hearst Media and AwesomenessTV Complex.


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