Wednesday, 3 August 2016

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logo telegramTelegram messenger application users seemed to be vigilant. More recently, as reported by VentureBeat, a hacker from Iran is known to have successfully hacked the security system Telegram. And from peretasannya activity, as many as 15 million users' personal data telegram was successfully obtained.

Piercing action Telegram security system is also quite surprising. Moreover Telegram often promote their services as a messenger super secure applications.No data was encrypted from start to finish that is often referred to as the end-to-end encryption.

 However, the facts revealed by independent cyber security researcher Collin Anderson and practitioners Claudio Guarnieri Amnesty International also shows something else.

Both also call this the action of hacking the system of encrypted communications largest ever. Moreover, the data acquired by the hackers is the data that is quite important. Starting from the personal data of activists, journalists and some people who have important positions in the country of Iran.

Not only that, the stolen data also have a very large number. Especially at this time in the country of Iran, Telegram users known to reach 20 million users. So, almost three-quarters of the user data has been obtained by hackers. Anderson and Guarnieri revealed that there is a serious security hole in the application Telegram. The gap is the use of SMS messaging as a means of activation. And this also allows hackers to do the tapping SMS.

Telegram Party is offering the official statement related to the action of hacking that occurred in Iran this. Telegram spokesman revealed that the users of the service can avoid attacks by hackers by not only relying SMS.Caranya verification is to use strong passwords and take advantage of email recovery features.


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