Friday, 26 August 2016

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Ukraine’s National Guard and Armed Forces social media accounts were hacked Wednesday, as the country celebrated its independence day.
Posts on the accounts declared “Ukraine is no more” and “Country not found” in Russian, according to Newsweek.
A group called SPRUT — a Russian abbreviation for “Society for Combating Ukrainian Terrorism” — took responsibility for the hack, issuing a statement in Russian on their website.
The cyberattack took place while Ukrainians celebrated the 25th anniversary of their independence from the Soviet Union.  
Relations between Ukraine and Russia have been extremely tense since the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014.
Amid heightened tensions, Russia announced Thursday that it would conduct military drills on its border with Ukraine.
Ukraine’s National Guard has reclaimed access to its Twitter account. However, the posts have yet to be deleted.


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