Friday, 16 September 2016

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Kaspersky Lab experts have recently discovered a new malicious applications in Google Play Store called Guide for Pokemon Go is able to win the right to access root the smartphone Android and use it to install / uninstall applications and displays unwanted advertisements.

Kaspersky Lab analysis results, received by AFP on Friday, against the Trojans Guide for Pokemon Go find the malicious code can be downloaded rooting malware , secure access to core Android OS for the purposes of the application installation and removal and display ads.

The Trojans have some interesting features that used to pass through detection. For example, a Trojan does not act soon after the victim opened the application for the first time.

Instead, the Trojan will be waiting for the user when installing or removing other applications, then check to see whether the application is running on the device or on a virtual machine.

Analysis of Kaspersky Lab indicates that at least one other version of the application Pokémon dangerous Guide available on the Google Play Store in July 2016.

Furthermore, researchers have traced back at least nine other applications infected by the same Trojan that is available in the Google Play Store at different times since December 2015.

Kaspersky Lab data shows that there have been more than 6,000 infections were successful to date, including in Russia, India and Indonesia. However, because the application is oriented to English-speaking users, people in the geography, and more, are also likely to be victims.


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