Friday, 2 September 2016

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The gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) is currently experiencing an outage in which EA games, services and support have been impacted.
Those gamers who are unaware of the situation should know that earlier, a hacking group PoodleCorp claimed responsibility of conducting a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on EA games’ servers however that was about 11hours ago. It is quite possible that the group has restated attacking EA servers.
EA is currently experiencing an outage. EA games, services & support may be impacted. We’re working to resolve as fast as possible.
Here are three tweets from PoodleCorp claiming they DDoSed EA games and ruined your day:
Here are tweets from gamers expressing their anger:
Fuck you @PoodleCorp I just wanted to play battlefield 1 you asshole 😭😭😭🔫
You're all just a bunch of cunts really aren't you, seems the internet is afraid to say anything, I'm not, CUNTS @PoodleCorp & LizzSquad.
When is somebody gonna take those fucking poodlecorp kids down??
@PoodleCorp est en train de hacker les serveurs de EA... Bravo les mecs vous êtes fiers? Vous cassez les couilles à tout le monde là
@PoodleCorp We love you..But stop Hacking EA...Hack Treyarch plz
Who is PoodleCorp?

PoodleCorp is a group of hackers and DDos attackers who previously hacked some top YouTube channels including WatchMogo, RedmercyLeafyisHereand LillySinghThe same group conducted a series of DDoS attacks on several other gaming giants including Blizzard and League of LegendsPokemon Go, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and PlayStation servers.


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