Friday, 21 October 2016

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The Dark Web marketplaces have turned out to be the best platform for hackers to sell stolen data. Recently, one of HackRead’s reporters stumbled upon a marketplace where a vendor going by the online handle of DoubleFlag is selling databases of websites that were recently hacked and had their data stolen.
The vendor is offering three databases including pornography giant Brazzers, gaming giant EpicGames and Online Ad Service ClixSense.
The Brazzers’ database contains 928,072 accounts including usernames, emails and their plaintext passwords whilst the price for the database has been set to BTC 0.9412 (USD 600.00). Remember, Brazzers forum was hacked in September 2016 where 80,000 emails and passwords were leaked.
The second database being sold belongs to gaming giant EpicGames in which the vendor is offering 277,944 accounts for BTC 0.4721 (USD 300.00). Remember, EpicGames suffered a massive data breach in August this year in which login credentials of 800,000 plus registered users (gamers) from Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament forum were stolen due to an SQL security flaw currently present in old and outdated vBulletin forum software.
The database that is being sold includes usernames, email address with encrypted passwords, data of birth, IP addresses, Facebook access tokens, comments and activity history on both forums.
The third database on the listings belongs to the Online Ad Service ClixSense. The vendor is offering 2,222,542 user accounts for BTC 0.6295 (USD 400.00). The database includes personal data of registered users including ID, username, password, security question, security answer, first name, last name, email address, address, city, state, country, ZIP, gender, date of birth and even the social security numbers (SSN).
Remember, on 15th September 2016, ClixSense suffered a massive data breach in which personal details of 6 million users were leaked on Pastebin in plain-text form.The same vendor is also selling 68 million Dropbox forum database394,769 uTorrent57 million and 6.5 million Yandex accounts on the dark web.
If you have an account with any of the aforementioned platforms, change your password ASAP. One big reason we are posting these listings here is to highlight the importance of changing your password on weekly or at least monthly basis.
The Hackers Day Conference,  is a novel occasion  will be held in Lucknow, on the January 15th-16th, 2017. For more details :


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