Wednesday, 19 October 2016

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Axis Bank, India's third-largest private bank, announced today that it was the victim of a cyber-attack, but has managed to stop the intrusion before the hacker stole any funds from customer accounts.

Bank officials have already reported the incident to the Reserve Bank of India, the country's banking regulator.
Kaspersky researcher discovered the intrusion by accident
Axis officials told the Economic Times that a security researcher for Russian-based security firm Kaspersky Lab had notified the bank about an intrusion last month.
The researcher said the company was investigating another incident when they found evidence of the hacker compromising some of the bank's systems.
Axis investigated the claim and confirmed the intrusion, which was in the form of an unauthorized login from an IP address outside India.
No funds stolen during the hack
Despite the detected intrusion, the company did not find evidence that the hacker compromised other internal bank systems, or of the hacker attempting to make illegal transfers.
It is very likely that the bank caught the hacker while he was scanning the bank's internal network for other systems he could hack, in a hacking stage known as "reconnaissance," or "lateral movement."
Axis Bank officials said they hired local security firm EY to help them with the rest of the investigation.
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