Monday, 21 November 2016

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Information security (InfoSec) is hard, a moving target that waits for no one, and so it is often reactive rather than preventive. Good InfoSec requires more than just experts toiling behind the scenes to protect us; it requires the involvement and input of the whole community.

The Hacker's Day Conference, which was created to provide a community framework to build events for and by information security practitioners. Nitin Pandey, the director of Hacker's Day, tells us how he wants to expand information security beyond security professionals, and to involve a larger, more diverse community.

Q.1.How you got the idea of Hackers Day Conference?

Nitin Sir : Well, after successful completion of DEFCON Lucknow 2016, Ramandeep Singh, Parth Malhotra and I met in New Delhi and suddenly Parth & Ramandeep gave me an amazing idea which was to form a community which will be dedicated to “Hackers”. As we all know that there is a hoax surrounding the likes of the profession of Hacking. Basically what most of people and media presume about a hacker or hacking in an older less stigmatized definition of a hacker which is more synonymous with computer criminals. Now this is just one side of the coin. There is yet another definition to it which is more ethical. They find and fix vulnerabilities and secure the IT world. They are the true heroes of the nation and people should must recognise and appreciate them for their good deeds. That is why I decided to named it “HACKERS DAY” which means a day dedicated to “hackers”.

After that I planned for the first conference on February 14, 2016 with a theme “This Valentine Spread love, not Malware” but unfortunately due to some health issues I was unable to do so. Now we are back with Hackers Day 2017 which is gonna be one of the biggest security conferences of all time in the history of India.

Q.2. What are some of the things you've had to learn how to do to put on an event?

Nitin Sir : Frankly Speaking, conducting such a big event is like “Behen ki shadi” kind of work. You have to plan then implement them. You have to face challenges such as Sponsors and here in Lucknow there is a lack of sponsorship. We do not get any sponsors from Lucknow itself. Then you have to take care of your speakers, their accommodations and your wish to provide them best hospitality. And the main challenge is fulfilling expectations of Participants that is why this time for their convenience, I have arranged their stay at venue itself. Overall I would like to say that It’s really take a huge efforts and hard work to conduct big events and when you get succeeded to do so then cannot express the inner happiness.

Q.3. So this is your 3rd year now. How has your conference evolved?

Nitin Sir : Yes, this is my 3rd year now and telling the truth, I had not expected such a massive response from the people of India and Overseas. We are so much thankful to each and every one who is continuously supporting us. Frankly speaking, we are getting much more positive responses in comparison to my previous conferences. There are speakers from 5 nations and around participants from 12 countries are participating in Hackers Day 2017 which is really amazing.

Q.4. What is that popular thing this year?

Nitin Sir : First of all this year we are coming with our own Indian Conference which is a prideful thing for all of us. Speakers from our supportive nations such as Russia, United States, Israel and Brazil are joining us this year which will make a huge impact worldwide. We are also getting so many requests for Hackers Day Chapters and we are also planning to do so because we want to make it an International active community and not only a conference. Very soon there will be around 10 active Hackers Day Indian Chapters & 3 Chapters are also going to be started in United States & Russia.
Now coming to the main events of this year. Hackers Day 2017 is a 2-Day conference. There will be talks on both days i.e. 13th & 14th Jan 2017. Also there will be Panel Discussion this year. Workshops on Web App Penetration Testing & Digital Forensics 360 approach will also be there on Jan 14th. Capture the Flag Contest, Award Ceremony, After CON Party and so many exciting events will take place this year.

Q.5. So if somebody wants to be a volunteer and get involved in Hackers day, what's the best way to do that?

Nitin Sir : As an open community, we welcome everyone to get involved in Hackers Day. We have created a FAQ page on Hackers Day Website here: to answer all the queries regarding this.

Q.6. Are you on social at all? How can people follow you?

Nitin Sir : Yes, I am available on Social media. Anyone can get connected to me on Facebook (, my twitter handle is @initinpandey and Email ID is



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