Saturday, 10 December 2016

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Watch Dogs 2 ups the ante from its predecessor, delivering a more polished and well-rounded open-world experience.
Watch Dogs 2 is the latest open-world game from Ubisoft about hacking... everything. And at every step of the way, you’ll be amused (and at times overwhelmed) at the sheer amount of objects, vehicles, mobile devices or things you can hack in the vast open world of San Francisco.

Taking place after the events that transpired in Chicago (from the first game),Watch Dogs 2 ditches grumpy protagonist Aiden Pearce for a more relatable 20-something Marcus Holloway. But unlike Pierce, who was by and large a stone-cold killer out for vengeance, Marcus (and his crew of hackers) are social rebels of sorts who aim to stick to The Man by taking down the watchful eye of the government.

Watch Dogs 2 is all about player choice, offering players a myriad of ways to tackle a given situation. Just after you finish the tutorial, you’ll gain access to a tiny remote-controlled vehicle – the RC Jumper – that you can send into enemy territory for reconnaissance purposes. Using the Jumper, you can tag enemies, open doors or even short circuit electric sockets to incapacitate them momentarily. Or if you’re the more violent type, you could hack a vehicle nearby and run them over without even setting foot in the vicinity. Blood lust not satiated yet? Ditch any form of tactic in favour of all out combat, killing every last one of the enemies using the game’s serviceable cover-based mechanics to get the job done. It’s really all up to you.

But there will be times when you will have to be physically present in a certain area (to say hack a terminal), and at those times, a stealthy approach can be hit or a miss.

Get spotted by a single guard and every guard in that area magically knows your location and comes gunning for you with extreme prejudice. And given the fact that Marcus isn’t a battle-hardened video game protagonist, you’ll go down pretty fast once the bullets start flying. That being said,Watch Dogs 2 is still one of the more flexible sandboxes I’ve played around in.

No matter what platform you play on, Watch Dogs 2 is a good looking game, but on the PS4, it does suffer from frame rate issues, especially during chases or sequences of extreme action. The game performed well and looked gorgeous on a GeForce GTX 1070-powered PC. Plus, it offers up a whole bunch of graphical tweaks to help you achieve that perfect balance between looks and performance. The only downside to the PC version is that it does tend to heat up certain CPUs (like the first game), and after even a few minutes of play time, my CPU would hit temperatures of 75 degrees and more.

Watch Dogs 2 is a fun open-world game, packed to the brim with content. Given the fact that you can hack everything, it really does offer up possibilities that most open-world games don’t. Yes, it does suffer from the occasional open-world bloat, but none of that is forcibly shoved down your throat (I’m looking at you, Mafia III).


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